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Still looking for the women who are looking…


Why do this at all? That’s the question that’s been keeping me away for so long now.

We started this blog so that I could reach out to other women and tell them a life like mine is possible. That it’s possible to feel completely a woman when she’s with somebody who is completely a man. 

I’m told that a lot of women read this blog. I only wish you reached out to us more. 🙂 Instead, I get fan mail and random propositions from random men (so-called) or we meet couples where the woman can’t open up because she can’t break away from the image she’s spent years fabricating for the man she’s with.

Honestly, I’ve just wanted to shut the whole blog down for the last couple of months. But something holds me back. And it struck me this morning – it’s because there are women out there who we still have to reach out to. Women who need to be told that they don’t have to settle for something-like-a-relationship with something-like-a-man because their lives can be so much more. That includes hardnrough2002 of course, but through him, a glimpse of a world and a state of being so different and so much more wonderful than anything they’ve ever laid eyes on or felt.

I’ve been given a chance to be in that world. And how ungrateful I would be to turn my back on all of you and the person I was before


took me under his wing – alone, scared and just basically winging it because there was nobody there to tell me what to do. Nobody I could simply turn to and ask – What do I do now? 

I must keep writing so that I can tell you that it’s possible to firmly grasp something real. And to remind myself of my journey up to this point and the long way I still have to go.

So, for the benefit of all my female readers – and hopefully to get more of them to overcome their shyness and talk to me 🙂 –  you can also find us on That’s where I’ll be posting from now on about things I feel the women reading this blog are most inquisitive about – my relationship with

hardnrough2002, the experience of sharing your man (or rather the idea of your man) with other women, my education in submission & surrender and the like.  You’ll also see a lot of reblogged photos of the kind of stuff hardnrough2002 and I like in bed, my fantasies and his. 🙂

I’ll keep posting on MumbaiDoggingBitch too, although I don’t know yet with what frequency. So do keep checking in here if you don’t want to miss anything!

To all my male readers – I can’t stop you from reading the blogs, but I have zero interest in interacting with you or hearing your praise. So please stop writing to me. If you must express your gratitude, tell more women about us!

Thank you.

Doesn’t hardnrough’s wife have an objection with what u both r doing? Not judging, just want to know the rationale behind it. If my husband were to do such thing than i would be so jealous and furious over him.

This must be a general sentiment among most women who read this blog (but don’t write to me enough!), so I’ll reply to this question in some detail.

Just to be clear, I wouldn’t have had any sort of relationship with hardnrough2002 at all if his wife wasn’t okay with it. She is, after all, his wife and no other woman in his life, including myself, would be around if she didn’t allow it. She is extremely loving and cares for all of his women equally, in ways that even he cannot manage to live up to at times! But above all else, she loves hardnrough2002 the most and that’s what makes all of this possible.

This is not to say that she’s not human and hasn’t gone through the expected stages of denial (of the implicit pleasure involved), rage, jealousy, self-doubt, acceptance and guilt – the last of which comes up when you’ve become more honest about yourself but still worry over what the world would think if it found out.

A lot of her inner conflict happened before I came into the scene but having gone through the whole emotional rigmarole myself over the past few years (because the women keep coming!), I can tell you that it’s certainly not easy but the freedom you experience at the end of the struggle – if you’re brave enough to enter into it – is a million times more rewarding than clinging to a tired, worn out concept of having one man to yourself.

I completely understand that you feel you could never be able to do what we do with your husband. Maybe neither of you wants to do it – in which case why ponder on it at all? But maybe you’re here reading this blog because your partner has fantasized about it and has shared the idea with you. Maybe you’ve fantasized about it yourself, even though you would never admit it. But you’re scared of going down this road because you don’t know what to expect.

I get the feeling people don’t like to read about how much hardnrough2002 is responsible for every happiness I have today, preferring to call me ‘brainwashed’ and insinuating that hardnrough2002 is manipulating the situation to his advantage, instead of accepting the possibility of such a thing existing, lest it destroy their own scarcely-challenged perception of the world.

Among these happinesses (shouldn’t that be a word?), is one of a slowly growing sense of completion that’s becoming less and less dependent on somebody else’s proffering of or withdrawal of affections. And I could get here not because of hardnrough2002‘s seeming cruelty but his profound and patient love that he has steadily poured into me even as I raved and raged against him, cried, blamed and protested at the horrible injustice of it all, eventually filling up the holes inside of me left by wounds that came long before but that I attributed to him because, well, it was convenient and morally justified. I would imagine it’s been the same for hardnrough2002‘s wife as well.

What I’m trying to get at is that to enter uncharted territories of the mind – sex being a very enjoyable way of doing so – may be a scary thing, but isn’t that what relationships are for? Do we partner with each other, making lifelong vows as husbands and wives or lovers only to subsequently close off whole parts of our personalities to them? Or is the entire point of being in love with another person that you hold him/her up as a mirror so that you can better see (and love) yourself?

You may find our lifestyle strange, but from our perspective, it’s most of you who live the unnatural life. We can’t fathom how you guys do it, really! Could somebody explain the rationale behind that? 🙂

From the photos it seems that your adventurous partner is not the best looking guy you could be with. I get that there’s more to it than just physical appearance,but don’t you ever long for a more chiseled and Greek-God-ly body?

It sounds like you’re either a man who works very hard to maintain his Adonis-like physique or a woman who’s not had enough sex / not been in love.
The love part you already have an inkling about or you can predict that response because of living in a culture that idolizes romantic love. But also, when you’ve had sex with enough men like I have, physical appearances sort of lose their sway over you. You still appreciate a good body visually but it doesn’t do anything for you in isolation. 
Add to that, of all the men I’ve slept with, the best looking ones have also been the most mindnumbingly boring. I wish it wasn’t so, but it is. They haven’t always necessarily been dumb, but they have a certain dullness that may have something to do with the world responding differently to them, perhaps less harshly. 
When we fall in love or form deep friendships, we connect not over each other’s perfections but over shared insecurities, whether we know it or not. Very goodlooking people must surely have their problems too, but I guess I haven’t been able to relate to them enough to form a meaningful connection. 
All that being said, today, when I look into hardnrough2002‘s eyes, I can’t imagine I’ll ever meet a more beautiful man than him. But that’s just me being soppy. 🙂