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Doesn’t hardnrough’s wife have an objection with what u both r doing? Not judging, just want to know the rationale behind it. If my husband were to do such thing than i would be so jealous and furious over him.

This must be a general sentiment among most women who read this blog (but don’t write to me enough!), so I’ll reply to this question in some detail.

Just to be clear, I wouldn’t have had any sort of relationship with hardnrough2002 at all if his wife wasn’t okay with it. She is, after all, his wife and no other woman in his life, including myself, would be around if she didn’t allow it. She is extremely loving and cares for all of his women equally, in ways that even he cannot manage to live up to at times! But above all else, she loves hardnrough2002 the most and that’s what makes all of this possible.

This is not to say that she’s not human and hasn’t gone through the expected stages of denial (of the implicit pleasure involved), rage, jealousy, self-doubt, acceptance and guilt – the last of which comes up when you’ve become more honest about yourself but still worry over what the world would think if it found out.

A lot of her inner conflict happened before I came into the scene but having gone through the whole emotional rigmarole myself over the past few years (because the women keep coming!), I can tell you that it’s certainly not easy but the freedom you experience at the end of the struggle – if you’re brave enough to enter into it – is a million times more rewarding than clinging to a tired, worn out concept of having one man to yourself.

I completely understand that you feel you could never be able to do what we do with your husband. Maybe neither of you wants to do it – in which case why ponder on it at all? But maybe you’re here reading this blog because your partner has fantasized about it and has shared the idea with you. Maybe you’ve fantasized about it yourself, even though you would never admit it. But you’re scared of going down this road because you don’t know what to expect.

I get the feeling people don’t like to read about how much hardnrough2002 is responsible for every happiness I have today, preferring to call me ‘brainwashed’ and insinuating that hardnrough2002 is manipulating the situation to his advantage, instead of accepting the possibility of such a thing existing, lest it destroy their own scarcely-challenged perception of the world.

Among these happinesses (shouldn’t that be a word?), is one of a slowly growing sense of completion that’s becoming less and less dependent on somebody else’s proffering of or withdrawal of affections. And I could get here not because of hardnrough2002‘s seeming cruelty but his profound and patient love that he has steadily poured into me even as I raved and raged against him, cried, blamed and protested at the horrible injustice of it all, eventually filling up the holes inside of me left by wounds that came long before but that I attributed to him because, well, it was convenient and morally justified. I would imagine it’s been the same for hardnrough2002‘s wife as well.

What I’m trying to get at is that to enter uncharted territories of the mind – sex being a very enjoyable way of doing so – may be a scary thing, but isn’t that what relationships are for? Do we partner with each other, making lifelong vows as husbands and wives or lovers only to subsequently close off whole parts of our personalities to them? Or is the entire point of being in love with another person that you hold him/her up as a mirror so that you can better see (and love) yourself?

You may find our lifestyle strange, but from our perspective, it’s most of you who live the unnatural life. We can’t fathom how you guys do it, really! Could somebody explain the rationale behind that? 🙂

@ Starbucks, BKC

We were at Starbucks, Bandra-Kurla Complex tonight for about 25 minutes. But don’t hang out there looking for us because we won’t be going back there again. Ridiculously priced hot chocolate that was very average in taste 🙁

Dinner at Nice Fast Food Corner, Santacruz W was far better – juicy, delicious seekh kebabs that were the second highlight of the evening. The first being blowing hardnrough2002 in his car before calling it a night.

PS: Recommend a great street food joint and if we like what we eat, I’ll post a sizzling photo at the spot. Meat plus flesh – can’t get any better than that, right? 😀

PPS: This blog may be in danger of becoming a food blog featuring partial nudity from time to time. Just sayin’. 😉


The Intern – At the Office

The morning after the episode in the car, I arrived at the office to see our intern already at her desk and working. I was both impressed and pleased with her demeanor, not betraying as it did the slightest sign of what had transpired between us the previous night. I pulled out the glasses she had forgotten in the car and handed them to her. She took them and said thank you, again completely composed in her reaction. Very mature for a 19-year-old. Just based on her discretion alone, I could tell she was going to be around us for a long time.  
The day passed as usual, until it was lunchtime. Hardnrough2002 had walked in earlier – he usually comes in a little later – and had been too caught up with work to pay much attention to the intern. But as people trickled out for lunch, he had one of them send her to his cabin.
About ten minutes later, she called out my name. I walked to the cabin smiling, visualizing all the possible scenes I would be walking in to. Would she be on his lap, her jeans pulled down and his fingers between her legs? Would she be bent over his table, squirming as he fondled her very ample but firm ass? Or would she be down on her knees, her lips caressing his cock, teasing it with their wetness?       
I found them standing in the far end corner – hardnrough2002 had pulled her to him, her back against him. Her shirt and bra had been pulled up and her breasts were exposed as hardnrough2002 fondled them. A more beautiful scene than I could have imagined. 🙂 
She told me he had asked her to call me. I looked at him and asked why as I moved closer. He squeezed her breasts harder and said, ‘Feel them’. I did, watching her respond to my still unfamiliar touch. Her breasts were round and supple. I bent down to lick her nipple as hardnrough2002 moved in and did the same with her other breast. She stood there passively, probably wondering how to respond to the attention of two lovers at once. 
Hardnrough2002 rose but I got down on my knees and gravitated naturally towards his cock. As I unzipped his trousers and slid him into my mouth, I glanced up to see him bring his lips to hers. But just as I was about to feel a tinge of jealousy – why is a kiss such a special thing? – she pulled away, saying she didn’t want to kiss him. Something about her boyfriend and how she only wanted to do that with him. But somehow that didn’t stop her from kneeling down next to me to watch me suck his cock. “Do you want it baby?” he asked. She shrugged but kept staring. I pulled him out of my mouth and reached out to tuck a strand of stray hair behind her ear before gently guiding her lips to his cock.
She began sucking the tip, better than the last time, but still awkward. But it was precisely this inexperience that made his cock harden even more. I focused my attention on his thigh, kissing it and watching her suck him off. I gently pushed her head down a little deeper at one point, but she gagged too soon. “I can’t do it!” she exclaimed. I said, “You just need to practice and learn to breathe through your nose as you keep taking more of the cock in.” I did just that to show her how, this time fondling her breast and pinching her nipple just a bit to get her used to the much rougher touch she would need to get accustomed to if she was going to be a good lil bitch for him.
We heard some voices outside the cabin. A couple of employees had come back sooner than expected. The intern jerked away immediately on hearing the voices, turning to look at the door which hadn’t been locked. Since I know better, I didn’t miss a beat, not stopping, pulling out only so that I could lick the underside of the base of his cock. A few moments later, Hardnrough2002 sighed and said, “Okay, stop” and zipped back up slowly. The intern had already tidied herself up and I did the same. He got back behind his desk and told us to get back to work. Evidently, that was all for today.
(to be continued)

Mohd. Ali Road – This time I chickened out!

In your emails and messages, many of you make references to my ‘wild’ and ‘adventurous’ side. I’m sorry to inform you that I’m not always as brave as I make it seem! 

We were driving home last week when I suggested to hardnrough2002 that we turn around and drive down towards South Bombay for a change. While there was some mention made of flashing at the Gateway of India, we didn’t quite make it into town. Neither of us were in a very sexual mood and as we often do, we let our stomachs decide the course of the night. hardnrough2002 wanted to eat something light but meaty and as usual, I was up for anything he was.

As we were puzzling over where to go, he suddenly quipped, “I know a place. It’s right around here and it has the best kebabs. Let me take you there.” I love it when we go places that I’ve never been but are part of his memories of a past that I otherwise have no access to. In my insatiable greed for everything him, I drink in these places with an almost quiet reverence – listening to his stories as I take in the smells, sights and sounds, imprinting them all in my mind forever.  

The place he was talking about tonight was at Mohd. Ali Road. We didn’t find the exact spot he wanted to take me to –  he hadn’t been there for years now – but settled for another little street food joint that turned out to serve the most delicious beef kheema we’ve had in a long time! 

We ordered from the car and waited for the food to arrive, catching each other up about what had happened in our lives since we were last together. A few minutes later, as I dipped another piece of bread into the deliciously oily plate of minced meat, hardnrough2002 looked out at the men sitting outside, some of whom were stealing glances into the car at me as they ate their dinner, and said, “What if I had 2-3 of these men feel you up?” 


Even as we had been driving into the area, I had noticed the gaudily dressed women who were standing either alone or in groups of 2-3 by the sides of the road. Now I have seen hookers before, but hardnrough2002 had to tell me that we were actually in the heart of Kamathipura, which is – for the benefit of my non-local readers – Asia’s largest sex district. But it wasn’t the hookers that unnerved me as much as the fact that the streets were otherwise populated only by men of all ages and mostly of the working class. No families, no couples. Just single men or groups of men assembled together for dinner. 

hardnrough2002 took the photo you see above as we began fantasizing about what it would be like for me to get out of the car in my considerably short dress and go sit there among those men and eat a meal. Maybe they would just stare silently. Maybe somebody would brush up too close to me. Maybe it could turn into something more?

As he pointed the phone camera at me, I could very easily have unbuttoned my dress as I did an hour later when we were back in the familiar territory of the vast open highway (see below). But I couldn’t – the discomfort of already having the very distinctly prying eyes on me didn’t make the idea sound very attractive at that moment. hardnrough2002 must have felt the same because although we were talking about it, he never once told me to unbutton.

So yeah, I chickened out! We’re definitely going back there very soon because we want to try the biryani which we didn’t have any room left in our stomachs for last time. And maybe I’ll work up the appetite for a little more courage too. Any ideas or requests?